FwB #3: Alan ‘Crazy Gang’ Cork

Looking remarkably like Rick Stein no?...

I’ve never been to Milton Keynes. might as well say that from the start. but from looking at the pictures of ‘stadium:mk’, there’s something that tells me I’ve no desire to go there.

How can a football team like Milton Keynes Dons play in such a soulless and empty environment? for a start, the upper tier’s not even got any fucking seats. maybe MK Dons represents all that is bad about English (I won’t burden Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales with this) football in 2010. no character, no emotion, no soul. So I guess what I’m trying to say is this; where’s the Crazy Gang of modern football?

And so, with a swift dig at Milton Keynes, it’s onto the third FwB; Alan Cork. full-time member of Wimbledon Football Club from 1978-1992. top league goalscorer for the club 1983-84 (29 goals). top football league appearances/goals record too (430/145). moreover, he looked liked he was 50. the dad of the team. the sensible one. i mean, in a team that boasted both a cheeky dennis wise and a intimidating vinnie jones, someone had to be the sensible one.

There’s something about the no hair/full (and greying) beard that screams old man. maybe after playing over 400 games for one club, a club who rose from the fourth tier of English football to the top in only 10 years, does that to you. the least I can hope for is that his son, the young (and from what I’ve seen so far, quite talented) Jack Cork, doesn’t neglect his dad’s genetic ability to grow such a well-rounded beard.

According to my trusty friend (thanks wiki, once again) no one club paid a transfer fee for ol’ Alan. despite moving onto both Sheffield United and Fulham towards the end of his career, he failed to hit double figures in any of his last 10 seasons as a professional footballer. a non-goalscoring centre-forward you say? the emile heskey of his day eh? that would be too harsh.

But Cork was a cult hero for Wimbledon fans. he might not have got all the praise as Beasant, Fashanu et al. got. thing is? he had a beard. Jack my son, you’ve a lot to live up to.

A disconsolate Rick Stein, sorry, Alan Cork...


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