Breitner! Socrates! GOAAAL!

With just under 21 days until the World Cup begins, and the FwB countdown yet to commence, I shall direct you towards two wonderful FwB-relevant archive videos…

The BBC have decided to run a top 10 goals of each WC since they began broadcasting, and in watching so far, I’ve noticed that a couple of bearded genuises have made their way into some of  ’em.

For starters, Paul Breitner’s goal against Chile in the 1974 Finals makes it in (and what a screamer it is!), and Socrates two against the USSR and Italy at the 1982 Finals are also there. Breitner’s penalty in the final of the ’74 WC is also in another of the BBC’s fine videos too.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for further FwB-relevent WC videos, whilst I struggle to find eleven South Africa-bound players in this year’s WC that’ve bothered to grow some facial hair!


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