A Special Post: Long Live the Doctor!

Courtesy Sabotage Times

I’m not sure where to start this one, so I’ll just say it. Sócrates – footballer, doctor, poet and man of the people – is no longer with us. A man of supreme talent, heart and desire passed away just this weekend at the crushingly young age of 57.

He played in (let’s just admit it, eh?) the best team never to win the World Cup – the Brazil ’82 squad, and a Corinthians side that allowed him to score a ridiculous 172 goals in only 297 games. He played for Garforth Town, called out his country’s dictatorship of the 1980s, and was vocal on the misgivings of hosting the tournament in which he made his name. Known, also, of course,  for sporting the finest beard amongst his peers. 

After a life well lived – decades of alcohol and cigarettes eventually took their toll – few footballers can profess to having quite the political awareness, life experiences, and style as Socrates. He was undoubtedly an idol of mine. I’m happy this blog has been dedicated to the trailblazing ways of Sóco. Long Live the Doctor!


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